SizeGenetics Review

My Personal Review of SizeGenetics. See How it Helped me Gain 1 inch in Just Few Months

Sizegenetics ReviewBefore I go any further, I just want to say I’ll be leaving my dignity at the door here with my SizeGenetics Review. I’m the kind of person that when they find a product or service that they like, they like to tell everybody. Well with this product, as much as I like it, it’s not the sort of thing you talk about in public. At least not face to face. I’m going to be pretty clinical here, just like a doctor.

I guess was like most guys, not overly disappointed with my size, but always thought that “a little extra inch or two would be nice”. Common story right ? Despite being reassured by my partner that all is good, and “it’s not the size of the vessel, but the motion of the ocean” being quoted frequently, I sought out looking for a solution that would give me the size I was after.

Now I must point out, and you can probably tell looking at the site address, I did not go and buy a bunch of devices, test them all out and this is my write up. I, from the get go, sought out the best on the market, the one that had been out the longest, and had what I could tell had the best reviews and results. I was not about to waste time, money and effort with something that was not going to work, or be particular uncomfortable. I wanted the best I could get, and I believe I found it.

So, how does it work ?

how does sizegenetics workThe principle of penis enlargement by stretching is pretty much as it sounds. The SizeGenetics device is simply placed around the base of the penis with the top of the device “clamping” the tip of your penis. the tension rods (which are adjustable), apply the stretch. Starting of slowly, overtime you increase both the tension of the rods, and length of time the device is worn. The easy to follow “routines” in the incredibly comprehensive manual, guides you through each day of your journey to those extra inches.

This is not an overnight treatment, expect to spend one to twelve months using this product. It all depends on the amount of growth you wish to achieve. Thats why you want quality, and comfort. Anything that was uncomfortable in this area would not be a good thing. I’m happy to report that the SizeGenetics device was pretty good here, once I was used to it, I hardly realized I was wearing it.

So, what were my results?

I am pleased to say that after a period of 4 months using the product I have gained a full inch! This might not sound like a lot, but trust me, when its your own, you notice – big time! Not only have I experienced the gain of an inch, I am also very comfortable using the device, I even sleep with it on! I expect to remain using the penis enlargement device for at least another 6 months in order to gain another 1-2 inches, then who knows!

I am also amazed at what just an inch has done for me in relation to sexual confidence, I feel much more powerful in the bedroom, perhaps even a bit of a stud! Which is unusual for me as I am quite a shy guy normally. I was so pleased with my SizeGenetics results that I wanted to make this site and share the word.

So, it works, what about the service you received from SizeGenetics ?

I must say straight up that I was embarrassed about ordering such an item, so I was incredibly relieved when I found out that SizeGenetics is shipped in plain packaging with nothing to arouse suspicion, lucky I was home when the courier arrived, but if it was delivered to my neighbors by mistake, it certainly would of gone unnoticed !

SizeGenetics were very upfront about their money back guarantee. You can return this product up to 6 months later for a full refund if you are not satisfied. These guys are not fly by night, they will be here tomorrow and the day after. They have been in business for 18 years and will be hear for a lot more.

Shipping was free, and the product was received very quickly once I placed the order.

What does Size-Genetics include? Why should you use SizeGenetics™?
  • 1 tension tested unique enlargement device
  • World-renowned enlargement exercise DVD
  • 2 sex improvement DVD’s
  • Penishealth online access
  • Lovecentria online access
  • Extra inches to penis length & girth
  • Last longer during sex & orgasms
  • ‘Rock hard’ erections, 100% fully engorged
  • Correct penile curvatures of up to 70%
  • More sex, more women & better orgasms

What the real users are talking about SizeGenetics

“I have been using SizeGenetics for about two weeks now, and I have noticed much harder, firmer erections. I also seem bigger. So far, everything has been amazing, and the product has really delivered, and then some! I expect to see continued results as time goes on!”


“It has been around two months since I have begun using SizeGenetics. I have noticed a big difference in the length and it seems wider. It “hangs” better now too, like “BAM”, which I absolutely love! (So does my girlfriend). I’ve seen awesome results in such a short time, I never thought this would be possible, and I simply can’t wait to see more!”

Jason Aldrich

“When I started taking SizeGenetics I measured in at about 3.5 inches limp. 5 months after starting and taking SizeGenetics, I now measure 4.25 inches! I couldn’t begin to explain how awesome the results are, and how happy I am with them! I really wish I had bought the SizeGenetics Extender and used it years ago! I told my about SizeGenetics one day and he laughed at me, until I told him about my results. He just placed his order!”


“After almost a month of using SizeGenetics, my penis has become visibly larger both in length and girth! It is much thicker and heavier feeling when flaccid, and my erections are full, powerful, and becoming larger!”


“I’ve used the SizeGenetics system for a month now, and have had noticeable gains in my flaccid size and width. My erections also seem to be much stronger and more prominent.”


“i’m now using the comfort strap extender, and have found it to be just what i needed. i can wear it for allot longer than i could the noose style. if i didn’t have to urinate, it think i could wear it all day!”

Danann2 – Members Forum


There are no doubt other products on the market, some even a bit cheaper. But keep this in mind, you are going to be spending a lot of time using this thing, comfort should be your biggest concern. I decided to pay the extra for quality and I’m glad I did. If this thing was a pain to use, or it was uncomfortable, I could of easily seen myself not going through with things.

Consider it an investment in yourself, in your sex live, and your johnson!

I hope you enjoyed reading my SizeGenetics Review, if you have any questions, please contact me, I’ll do what I can to answer your query.

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